Journey towards the beloved- Stir your soul

Time spent sitting with a mystic or healer can lead to a relationship where you might establish your express line to god. How does one improve one’s relationship with god? How to develop infinite compassion… how to use prayer, devotion and faith on the face of suffering and yet go through the process of sacred waiting.

It is important to know that having a direct line with god is like having the admittance of his private number which is not available to all. However this can be developed over a period of time on the path of mysticism. To get connected onto this direct line one needs to pass the various tests that are levied on the entity. The direct line is not for the ego, or for the self rather it is to set you free.

It is not about achieving some height of personal enlightenment. It is the line of communication that has many characteristics that change the nature of one’s relationship with self, ones relationship with god and ones relationship with others. It is all about learning to sit in the between and know the deep mysteries which is hidden in the universe.
Either one can be a mystic seeker or one can reach the direct line through a mystic/ healer. That is the way it is. Everyone cannot be on a direct call. At times you can speak through an operator. Learning about the sacred healing relationship and training involves learning the language of god. This language takes many forms and understood as the sacred language of god. However language cannot express the totality of the sacred communication. If one sets in the proper perceptive, language makes its contribution in making the novice. It is understood by all mystics that language can take any form, to fit any person with any situation or within any culture. Such is to be expected from compassionate and infinite sacredness.

There is always a mystery in the sacredness. God is the infinite sacred mystery. To begin the journey, involve yourself in the stirring of the soul. The key to the countless mysteries of the land of the mystifying. Drive into the land of secrecy to know the true mysticism.

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