Mystic or Mystery- The unveiling !!

Mysticism is the pursuit of a direct communion with God. While the term has been used to encompass a wide spectrum of beliefs, most of those labeled mystics share these common factors: a faith in a transcendent truth, a power which is unseen and tremendous, that overrides everyday reality, and a belief in a personal, one-on-one connection with this truth.

It is an act of will or at times you are chosen, gifted , not because you have prayed or asked God to give you Divine energy – a decision which is not in my control, that’s all – that starts a person on the mystic path of being one with the Almighty. After that initiation, it is events of the person’s life, and the “voice in your gut” that are the training, the lessons. Your teacher is none other than the guidelines recieved from the Almighty, and you simply follow. Seeing a pattern in the events of your life is seeing your path as shown and told to you. The focus of your path is what you do, not what you believe: God wants you to think or believe in whatever motivates you ahead in your growth. (It’s not the dogma, it’s the doing.) Ignored lessons occur in even harsher, more obvious forms!

The most valuable and delectable parts of a human, from God’s point of view, are the dark parts: the self-interest, the “looking out for Number One.” Inappropriate self-interest limits you and gums up the works in God’s cosmos. Transmuting the self-interest is enlightenment, is a victory for light over darkness to you; and to God it is His cleaner house. As time and events go by, you become less focused on your physical life and are more “out there” in your perspective. The life you lead is not what you see in the pictures. Its a life with constant pain which at times is unbearable. You dont sleep for days, as when one shuts his/her eyes you see the lives of many. The future happenings, the past wrong and right. Its a life very hard and sacrificing , and this not chosen by us, rather we have no choice. Its painful, and in short your life is not in your control.

A lot of your work as one of God’s people is done in the non-physical realms in your calling ( calling is the talk between you and the unseen power). At some point you are trained by guidance direct from the Almighty or – by the events of your life – to accomplish and support events which is Gods will, sometimes by channeling them. You get to keep some of the talents you develop in the endeavor of supporting or accomplishing the events Gods will. Psychic insight is often one of those abilities you keep.

Gradually your will (your willpower is not what you wish) is becoming God’s will as you and God become one; and God’s will is almighty . . . because He has His finger on the triggers of coincidence . . . so you gradually become able to make things happen. You create events non physically. This is the great spiritual truth and is The Great Work, the Mystery. Being one with God and giving up the petty part of your individuality is . . .duh . . . a net gain.

This does not have any Reiki, tarot card, cosmos..or any religious scripture involved..your learning is not from the material world rather your learning is from the mystic world which is unknown and unseen..You live life as the guidelines set to you. This again the most difficult for a carefree person, and acceptance of the truth that transcends your life becomes very harsh, as you are forced with no choice ( at least in my case), clarifies what is REALLY at issue in your life, clarifies what your next step in Spiritual Growth or Personal Development is. And when the issues are clarified, you waste less time on what is not-so-important. We humans have only so much time, so we go much farther with clear light on our path one step at a time. The next step up is all you need to know. The rest is dogma, a believe or set of believes people are expected as the truth without ever doubting them..

Essentially, in any mystic practice the ultimate goal is to have an intimate relationship with the Divine. It does not include reciting rehearsed prayers. It does include going within and communing with Source Energy, however that Source appears to you.

We are all incarnated on this Earth to fulfill our destinies, whatever that means for us. Yes, we have freewill either we accept this truth and continue the journey or its time for us to go back home. The choice here is left to us..Then we decide while we are here what course we wish to take, but whatever direction we choose, we are here to learn a great deal of lessons. With each step and each lifetime we get a little closer to our True Spiritual Natures. When we are ready to take a leap into the truly spiritual realm, we see that there is not a God to be afraid of. The ‘fear’ of God has no meaning for me whatsoever.

Everything in the universe is a part of the Divine Source; that includes us. As a component of this Divine Energy we continue to create our realities; each of us having our own perceptions.

In the mystic experience, we are guided on our paths. We are permitted to ask questions and responses come our way. When we are in the “flow” of things, when things just all seem to be going right, we are simply aligned with our True or Higher Selves. What is the mystic experience like? Well, that’s up to you. Some people hear things, some people see things, some people know things. You can even taste and smell things, you can see a persons life or read or hear.. its enormous. Its the impossible to possible which is called miracle.

Meditation is a conscious ways to experience the Divine. We may see a color, or an animal or a movie in your head. You may have to do a little work to understand what the messages mean. In addition, each message may have a layer of meanings. We just have to unfold it, as it were, to figure all the levels of significance for us.

Sometimes we are guided to certain events and we follow as been told. This to reach out to what is decided. We are also under certain rules of not to accept anything in return or any healing too as that will not be taken lightly. We follow rules. And here we get punished the same moment as our lives are not ruled by us. Its a easier life what one normally leads but this life is very painful..physically and emotionally. This cannot be understood by many. A person with real mystic power can never take anything not even a sweet or a chocolate. The job is to give and give, not to take as what we need we cannot take from any Tantrik or Astrologer, as I will suffer almost death in terms of experiencing the of pain for the mistake committed.. You could be angry or frustrated, but your new knowledge has given you insight and understanding and you feel only love and compassion for those who aren’t yet ready to let go. So, you head back toward the light and on your way you joyously discover that there are others who know of the light… some who are just discovering it and some who have known for a long time. It feels wonderful to be in their presence and commune with like “souls.”

The important thing, is to listen to your inner wisdom. When others try to convince you that their way is the only way, but it doesn’t sit well with you, don’t let them sway your decision. You are right for you and that is all there is to it.

Finally when we accept this truth, we give ourself s completely, our live is decided, our day to day event, work, creativity, wisdom, knowledge is all a part of this acceptance..and you see a amazing, incomprehensible, brilliant, bright white light above the surface. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. You can feel it’s warmth and it’s love. You are overtaken with emotion and overjoyed at what you have discovered. Your goal becomes a need to rise completely out of the depths and join with that light. And when you finally do just that, you say, “I think I know now. I think I understand.” You turn to the “being of light” and you begin to ask questions. The beautiful light smiles warmly and answers the questions. But finally, you ask a question and the answer is truly awakening.

The answer is… “I cannot answer that question for I do not yet know the answer myself. Yet I know I will eventually, and so will you.”

Awakening is a process… enjoy every minute of it. At each end… there is only a new beginning.

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