Our pain..Our gain

Knowledge of any kind, be it a experience of one self or another , a message of God in the form of scripture .. is to be distributed free of cost. Paying a penny for knowledge is a greater sin than the seller as by buying we are encouraging them. If anyone wishes to write of his or anyones experience, Our pain and sorrow, our journey is not for sale. If anyone does that then its never reality. Our life experiences can be shared if that can benifit our fellow beings, but if our journey is our bread and butter than that journey can never be a journey of pain and grief.

Our pain and grief is our deep emotions which is the truth of our lives. These incidents are our learning towards being better human beings, but if our life incidents is for sale, than its never been our deep emotion. At times our experience can be picked from any book which can connect to us. But again anything taken with genuine feelings and emotions, can give life and soul to a dead text too.. As our feelings, grief, sorrow felt from within reflects in the writing.. and these emotions are our closest truth. How can one think of selling it ?

In my view, or according to me, this is what is Gods will, that pain and sorrow is a part of our knowledge given to us free of cost by nature, we are each given a book by nature which is our book of journey in this lifetime. This is for us to learn and understand the good or the bad that suits us. We adapt our lifestyle based on this book. This book is rich of knowledge, wisdom and insight .. which can be positive or negative. Again we are solely responsible for our acts.. Be it positive or negative..as that is not imposed by God.

God has given us the free will towards our thoughts..our thoughts are purely ours and God is not responsible for those thoughts. THIS IS US..DIVINE OR EVIL..

Our thoughts lead us towards our path to enlightenment.. that is the light which we see.. thats the Divine path. The basic understanding or the foundation to begin this journey is our inner self. Our inner self is the beginning of all our destiny. That can lead us to Divine Success or the road towards the dark tunnel where one can never see light. Again our step towards our inner self is First Love yourself as if you Love yourself, then you can love the others, and you see everything around you beautiful and our happiness is purely based on our mindset. Vindictive, jealousy, malicious, is the downfall of the envious the victory of the envied ..Whenever you are spoken the most or investigated the most REMEMBER YOU ARE IMPORTANT.. IF YOU WERE NOT IMPORTANT THEN NONE WOULD WASTE THEIR PRECIOUS TIME ON YOU.

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