I am obsessed with myself. Its true !!

I’ve been called many names like perfectionist, difficult and obsessive. I think it takes obsession, takes searching for the details for any artist to be good. For some sex is an obsession, the artist’ is obsessed with his subject, to give you the best. A obsession which can make one withstand negative forces, an obsession which can make one more beautiful from outside and inside, an obsession which can make one understand anothers pain, an obsession which can make one lead a live with purity in the material world and the spiritual world is nothing but a healthy obsession as this is called obsessed towards being a better human being.

Obsession is an attractive thing. People who are really, really interested and good at one thing and smart are attractive, and obsessed with what became their success. If you are not obsessed in a healthy way, then we can never give our best into anything we do. The one driving factor or the motivating factor towards reaching your goal is obsession.

I am obsessed with myself, i am obsessed with my work, i am obsessed with the Divine Power, I am obsessed with Life and Philosophy, I am obsessed with what became my success. Healthy obsession is also passion. Any obsession which can make us compassion, selfless, giving, values, motivation , love, understanding, care is called healthy obsession.

Most ask me strange questions ” why do i love to change my profile pictures? ” Another ” How can a woman who is so obsessed with herself be spiritual ? ” Spiritual means no love for yourself “..and some ” You have done a good job of marketing yourself ? ..

When such questions are asked it means the answer in their mind is ” she loves herself, she is obsessed with herself ..right? Yes, you are right. I am obsessed in myself, and in all i do. And the things i am obsessed is always been my obsession. My strong motivating and inspiration towards my work is my obsession. If someone took a lifetime to achieve success in a materialism world I would have achieved it in barely 2 years.

My obsession or love for myself has preserved me externally, if not i would be looking 60+ now as the stress of life, the ups and downs, the mud slinging by public, the bitching, the assumptions, the false accusations, pain, sorrows would make one end up being a mental wreck. Hagard with dark circles and suicidal tendencies. And drugs, alcohol and sex would have been my escape from the pain.

A obsession which can make one withstand negative forces, an obsession which can make one more beautiful from outside, an obsession which can make one understand anothers pain, an obsession which can make one lead a live with purity in the material world and the spiritual world is nothing but a healthy obsession as this is called obsessed towards being a better human being.

We always use a word without understanding the deeper level of the word. We are always used to looking at the surface rather we must use our strenght in going deeper and analysing if a word like ” obsession” or ” I ” is used in a positive or negative manner. The spiritual world says that “we” is better than ” I”..Love is better than Obsession. Right ? I agree. But what it means is ‘I” should not make us self centered, selfish, biased, jealous, vindictive. As thats negative. If obsession can ruin yourself and the others around you, than its again negative and harmful.

My obsession with time informs my poetry towards life, beauty and work, so completely it is hard for me to summarize it. We want time to pass, for new things to happen to us, we want to hold on to certain moments, we don’t want our lives to end. Obsession is a young man’s game, and my only excuse is that I never grew old. People can get obsessed with romance, they can get obsessed with political paranoia, they can get obsessed with horror. It’s isn’t the fault of the subject matter that creates the obsession, I don’t think.

Obsession does not necessarily mean sexual obsession, not even obsession for this, or for that in particular; to be an obsessional means to find oneself caught in a mechanism, in a trap increasingly demanding and endless. Obsession led me to write. It’s been that way with every blog I’ve ever written. I become completely consumed by a theme, by characters, by a desire to meet a challenge.

My current obsession with creativity is the result of continued striving for immortality in an era when most people no longer believe in an after-life. The immortality of the soul is a matter which is of so great consequence to us and which touches us so profoundly that we must have lost all feeling to be indifferent about it. Our soul is cast into a body, where it finds number, time, dimension. Thereupon it reasons, and calls this nature necessity, and can believe nothing else. Probably I chose immortality because mortality is a universal human obsession. Love is an obsession. It has that quality to it. But there are healthy obsessions, and mine is one of them. This a consistent soul understands the obsession, believes in destiny, a capricious one in chance.

What moves those of genius, what inspires their work is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough. Without obsession, life is nothing. Your ability to use the principle of autosuggestion will depend, very largely, upon your capacity to concentrate upon a given desire until that desire becomes a burning obsession.Without obsession I would not be amongst you in this platform in a span of 5 months as i started my page spiritualism in the month of feb 2009 and my first introduction to facebook. As I was never a internet person due to extensive travel and my obsession towards my being a Entrepreneur. I achieved my goal in 2 years. And needed something more to the obsession as the energy was high and i was galloping. This again due to obsession.

Movies, Modelling was never a obsession. Therefore I was never driven towards it with a one track mind. Anything which is a obsession has made my success more like a dream come true. The passion which again is also called obsession has made me achieve my goal in a short time where people take a lifetime and yet not satisfied.

Yes and our obsession with youth in our culture and how we, women lie about their age after 35 obsessively and no one wants to let anyone know they’re getting older. Why are we, so obsessed with foreign things? Is it a legacy of our colonial years? We want foreign television sets. We want foreign shirts. We want foreign technology. Why this obsession with everything imported?

The work is a calling. It demands that type of obsession. The obsession required to see a feature through from concept to release is not a rational thing to do with your brief time on this planet. Nor is it something to which an intelligent person should aspire. The happiness of one’s own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul; one must try to include, as necessary to one’s own happiness, the happiness of others. creative habit is like a drug. The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts.

The more decadent a culture gets, the more they have a need for what they don’t have at all, which is innocence, so you end up with kiddie porn and a perverse obsession with youth. I feel in the depths of my soul that this is the highest of all obsession, most sacred, and most irreversible part of my obligation to preserve , although it may cost me my life.

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Secret of the Lost world

Ancient Mystery Revealed ( http://www.divineabodenews.com)

My point here is it was never about me. The nature was speaking and I felt it was about me. Until I put the puzzle together. I realize it was never me or my Saga.
It never belonged to me.

Billions of Years ago, the earth was minute, and it was the eastern part of the globe where the primary being ever come into endurance. There was no religion but a culture of love. This was the Abode as per the Mystical disclosure open to the fundamentals. The loss of the kingdom to the Dark Forces leads to the separation of the Masculine and the Divine Feminine . Billions of years of effort with abundant defeat she once more emerges with the mightiness of a tornado, the intensity of an injured shield, the trident of legitimacy and the sharp edge of the tresses.

Her triumph is destined
Her verdict is the decree for humanity
The Kingdom of the Dark destroyed
The reconstruction of her Abode
The laws will be enforced of Values
A World of Music, Art & Culture is the future (revealed on 6th December 2012)

Further she reveals of the Vicious wind that blew the dwelling on the mountains preying on the secret of the conception. The core of her dwelling is surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli Mountain Range. The rich heritage of Palace & Museum, Terrains, Mountains of the Taragarh, the historical Aravalli with Temples, Foy Sagar, Chamunda Mata Temple, Ajaipal Ruins, The Brahma Temples, The Nag Mountains The Chilla, Lake Anasagar to the Dargah Sharif…

The flaming energy of daylight and virtuous unveil the saga of the dreadful mace, the time when her territory was ‘the power of the cosmos.” The undisclosed secret of a lost world opens to the fundamentals. Fierce wind blew the dwelling on the peak from the Taragarh unto the Aravalli preying on the secret of the formation. The realm a secret of a lost race with treachery and deceitfulness. The globe shook with the control of the twist, with the rains of rue, cloaks scorched to remains, “tresses and pin, Clays to the nature were twisted pale. The secret knowledge stolen, the sphere infected with numerous warfare. Her abode amid the mount destroyed. The crest impure in the midst of invasion designed as the hissing of the enemy from the foundation until the zenith. Her naïve self seeks justice from the emerged city, lost in the terrains with the souls held and chained in captive. The ancient dwellings from the Himalayas to the mystical Aravalli.

The triumph stated is designed by her spirit this day. The volcanic emergence of a wounded warrior detaching numerous cloaks alongside. The vow to cross the threshold to attain the stolen empire. Not any can bring to a halt the restoration of the heavenly dwelling on Earth. The jungles of Taragarh towards the winding path into the dense Aravalli, the ruins of the past break her numerous times. She heads and gapes at the reflection in the stream and weep for the crush of her lost grandeur. She winds towards the dense mountains to witness the ruins and the adulterated water on her wonder as sacred. She weeps in the misty clouds unaided in her solidarity until the principal slumber.

The Divine Feminine penetrates into the darkness of the dooms towards the dwelling of her ancestors. Her tears of rue as every peaks are impure with the venomous strength. Her eternal trail amid the long and winding hills with determination down the valleys towards the mysterious high plateaus, the rocky path, amid the countless defeat of the past she now emerges fearless in the dense jungles unfolding the Lotus divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment.

The growth of the soul and the beauty of the spirit untouched by her purity of heart and mind of the mud-spattered to dispirit her being. The progeny of the Himalaya betrothed in the captured Aravalli. Her realm of concentric illustration establishes a sacred space, for rumination and astounds stimulus. The blazing fiery of her rage will blaze up the venomous sovereignty in flames. The army in the foundation will be scorched to ashes.

The progeny of the ancient Himalayas combines the force of her mind, body and spirit to declare a war against the cosmos as none can be there her army was scorched to ashes and held captive amid the chains of illusion. Her dwellings from the peak of Himalaya to the Aravalli captured. Her progeny, her beloved, her army, her priest, infected with the venom. Her treasures plundered and now her vow to reinstate the Kingdom of truth. The secret of the plundered fortune could not be unlocked with numerous efforts. The mysterious code to unlock the secrets is her weapon that will now bring the triumph. The silence amid the mystical mount screams for the comeback of the realism. Her restoration of the ruins will be the Golden Age.

References: http://www.gulshafawzia.com

log on to http://www.gulshabegum.com


Big Bang Theory – Divine Feminine the Revelation

The untold mystery of the universe, the origin and development of life must be resolved.

The Conflict and intolerance will be resolved, The Divine Feminine as an intermediate force for all humanity.  …Her Victory is declared and evident. The  Earth Planet will be healed as per the revelations.

For the rest of us who do not pay attention to the warning  is what the primary concern is all about. The choice is ours. We have a free will of choice.


We are approaching the end of a World Age. The message here concerns our making a choice, of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with disastrous changes or gradual peace and tranquility.

 The Solution for Global Warming and Conflict Resolution Worldwide: The Divine Feminine reveals the transgression, morality, and verdict. The earth is saying something with record to heat, drought, storms and fire. She shows the Reality of the Hidden Mystery and what global warming looks like. It’s time to listen – and take action.

 The concept of peace, the concept of Global warming is possible if only we realize our potential input in the process to help the Divine Mother Creator to successfully ally her energy into a system where honorable values, principled ideals, the foundation of unification must be valued with honesty and integrity. In a loving relationship, there is no such thing as power, or control. The feminine energy is never truly free unless and until the masculine energy shows up for real and is ready and willing to protect and serve.

The Need of the Hour: In the spiritual path, the primordial energy force calls for a strict moral and ethical code to be followed. The universal law of nature in the form of superior divine energy is a combination of the male and the feminine energy. However, she is not competent to fit herself with the modern advanced technology and scientific world.

She is of values and culture. This is the Eternal truth, and the reality which most cultures are well aware.

Peace, Global Warming cannot be achieved by dialogue. We must get ready to create the much-needed synchronization and the resolution to the calamity.

 The Reality: Billions of Years ago, the earth was minute. There was no religion but a culture of love. This was the Abode as per the Mystical disclosure open to the fundamentals. The loss of the kingdom to the Dark Forces leads to the separation of the Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Billions of years of effort with abundant defeat she once more emerges with the mightiness of a tornado, the intensity of an injured shield, the trident of legitimacy and the sharp edge of the tresses.

 The theory is of duality considerably before the earth planet came into existence or slightly known to us. The celestial abode possessed the Masculine and the Feminine force. The Dark force is the Energy which invaded the Divine Realm. The thought that exists at the core of Black Hole is the infected Kundalini Mother. The base Chakra reveals the story of existence and the History of the Universe.

Our universe is thought to have begun as an infinite small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense, something. It existed as the heaven or the abode of the Heavenly. It was expanded and inflated by the Dark forces, plundering and disarming the kingdom, the possessions of the marvelous Kingdom. This led to the separation of the Divine Feminine from its Male complement. The phase of the new beginning of life took place and the Earth was expanded further, and new initiations took place to reinstate the Evil plans as the Divine designs. This led to the beginning of the Illusory World.

As promised, by the Evil, we are veiled and absent from the Divine truth. The charming clustered planet has such confidence in ensnaring his victims openly from all sides and making us then succumb to the temptations. The world appears pretty and attempting works on ways to lure man, limit his perspective to the gains, pleasures and enjoyment of this world alone, and make him forget the path that is been chalked out for all human beings.

The Dark Force’s ultimate goal is to make people go astray and eventually to turn them into polytheists at a minimum. The way the negative force pursues that goal varies in accordance with the interests and Inclination of his victim. For example, houses of piety to attack the pious; scholarly disciplines to attack scholars;  false reasoning and logic for those who take pride in being knowledgeable, and ignorance to attack the ignorant.

The negative force, as well as the other evil spirits, are fallen Jinn, who have the power to appear to people as generous. What appears to some to be a “Divine Light” is, in reality, the” Shining Darkness” of Evil. Despite the attractiveness, and apparent concern shown by these “Spirit Guides,” these spirits will ultimately lead to unworldly cruelty and other forms of transcendent annihilation here on Earth, and possibly serious consequences in the life to come with occult and other forbidden Practices.

 The Earth Infected …..Vampires are our companions

 Relationships of too many negative associations have overshadowed the positive association. Most men and women are possessed by psychic vampires who make the men use their masculine energy in a very bad way (rape, sexual / mental / emotional abuse, child abuse, sexual encounters)

 The maximum number of male energy are infected by the psychic vampires gains his dominance through the energy of the female. It’s like the positive and negative charges. This translates to the feminine and masculine energy. The modern world of technology, science, immoral extravagance is the root cause of the destruction.

The Psychic vampire could be your spouse, your boss, your boyfriend, a customer, or best friend. There is no way to tell a psychic vampire by simply looking at them unless you have clairvoyant abilities and can see the aura of a psychic vampire.

In this rare case you would see trendils, an abnormality in the aura which is used to perforate the victim’s aura and drain them of energy. People do not know that they are having physical relation with psychic vampires. They have no knowledge of how their energy system works ,Also the reason for the infection on mankind is due to misled spiritual practice of Kundalini knowledge or any other similar with agendas or to achieve greater psychic ability etc.

 These people are misguided by the negative side of spirituality and should be avoided. The best method of escaping any negative influence is to raise your own vibratory frequencies. This will place your energy bodies on a higher frequency astral plane which is inaccessible to negative energy. The centuries of practices such as witchcraft, voodoo, black magic, necromancy, and psychic vampirism has infected the Earth and all its beings. Lots of people are infected by Sexual Vampires which obtain its victim’s vital energies through sexual intercourse. The Male Dominance of prejudice and torment sequence include criticize, disrepute, Sexual cruelty, vocal exploitation, bodily violence. In fact, at times there is no denying that Women are the worst to other Women.


This calls for Healing and forgiveness :. The Healing of each one will take place on a universal level. The pessimistic emotion of detestation, envy, illegitimate sex is the illusory. If you can tap into the power you will see the Reality that is taking place behind the Veil. The constant nourish on the Feminine energy has left the Divine Feminine battered, crushed elapsed, alienated, injured, damage, disregarded and raped frequently in the vision of the darkness of the ego.

Take refuge to heal and cleanse yourself and enter the new age world without the Vampires accompanying you as your spouse or lover or a friend.

 How can we contribute to the Global Warming and what can be done

Action and Solution : (The action is each ones free will choice) The method given here is for all irrespective of Religion or possessed by jinn’s or evil spirits or if you feel normal.

1. The foremost and the primary of all are to disengage from scriptures, religious ceremony, and recitation of any scriptures. Take all the religious pictures, manuscripts, books or any other material like taweez, threads, oil, powders or any material which represents faith, belief or religion. Wrap it all in a black cloth. Ideally it is recommended to leave it in flowing water. However if one is finding it difficult than just keep it somewhere in a room where this will not be opened until the end of the year.

2. Stop visiting any of the spiritual healers or stop all guidelines given to you and implement the natural way to banish the jinn’s, spirits, vampires forever. Even for some who are possessed by such spirits for 4 or longer period can implement.

3. In some case if the deities are too huge than you may cover it with white or black cloth for the next 30 days. And do not pray on it or light lamps.

4. Immediate take refuge within the values of moral, ethical system. Cut off all relations, who lack respect, acceptance, conviction, unification, love. Detach any feelings of sadness or attachment; make forgiveness to the others who hurt you. Do not make a choice to be a victim as it’s a deceptive world.

5. All mirrors must be covered or veiled in the day and specially the nights.

6. Do not visit any holy places. Stop all evil or sacred practices

7. Rock Salt in your surrounding is another immediate protection. Bowls of rock salt placed in each rooms of your home including the toilets. This will stop the entry of all evil spirits, jinn’s, and vampires.

8. Take water with 1 bowl of rock salt in it and mop your homes immediately. The second mop on the 25th December 2012.

9. Burn only sandal wood incense in the evenings.

10. Keep yourself hygiene. Make sure you wash yourself whenever you use the toilet. Clean any urinary splashes immediately. Make sure you wash your hands and feet before you come out of the toilet to cut any kind of energy.

11. For couples who are married make sure that you have a head bath immediately after you have a physical relation with your spouse. For the rest kindly do not engage in any sexual activity and maintain the code of morality.

12. The smell of Food like egg, meat , fish is another way of entertaining the spirits. To be safe do not make non vegetarian food at home or eat outside until the end of the month.

13. Refrain from all alcoholic drinks too.

14. Let go of the past hurts, the pains, the men who may have hurt you or taken advantage of you , let go of your need to be ‘in control’, let go of the need to be ‘strong’ and vicious. As we heal the planet heals and so does the evolution is much more with peace, pardon and with silence. Our failure in our planetary duties indulge ourselves in the world of covetousness is the root cause of all calamities and destruction.

During this period at any given point do not pray, chant, dikr, mantras, sura, verses or the similar.

Immediate Implementation: If you choose to help the mission of Global Warming and resolve the Conflict than each one must take the First initiative towards the purification process, breaking down the old cycle of the base and start reconstruction. This calls for reinstating the ethical set of laws of behavior to all those who are physically abused, tormented by way of relationships. Know your feminine potential, the authority of your energy, which is within you. Do not give yourself in any way towards exploitation. Take to silence and withdrawal. Do not be angry with your abuser as it’s not their fault. Forgive them and begin your protection.

For the Men: A strict value oriented system. This is by thoughts, by action, Physical, verbal or emotional. Gather your Masculine Energy and Take Refuge within the Ethical and Moral Code of Conduct which is of extreme significance. The idea behind the use of rumination, Art, Culture, Music is to keep the mind fresh of all deviating thoughts.

 The  Feminine Force: A divine conflict stated with the forces of shadows.

 The Need of the Hour: The chains must be broken, and the reinstate of the Divine goddess must take place. This will allow the goddess to balance her energies with the Planet Earth.

 How does our contribution work: Break the power of the Egoistic kingdom of Atrocities and Dominance.

This is towards Amendment and Regret. If each one of us contributes our energy the influence of the dart of the Dark Forces will split. As we begin to lock up the door of our mind to his Desires his armed forces deteriorate. The undisclosed mace will break the Foundation of the forceful Dark realm. Let’s sever the Chains and barrier where we have been the slaves of his steady craving.

 Good versus Evil: Let’s be a part of a Mission and be an element of Light as we transit into the new period by regaining the lost glory of control, belief, Love, therapeutic, moral and Ethical values.

The longest epic Mahabharata at the very core transcends culture and religion with a simple theme that all of mankind can relate too. It is a story of good versus evil, of families in turmoil, of jealousy and betrayal and at the heart of it all, a fight for the truth.

As Lord Krishna say ‘Whenever virtue declines and unrighteousness rises, I manifest myself as an embodied being. To protect the Saints and Sages, to destroy the evil-doers and to establish Dharma (righteousness), I am born from age to age. -Bhagavad Gita 4.7 and 4.8

The Primacy of the Feminine beyond all is the infinite eternal mystery of God’s uncreated Essence, the ultimate spiritual Reality, calling to the souls who love God to come home and find perfect peace. That is why Ibn al-‘Arabi says Allah can be referred to as both huwa (He) and hiya (She).

Volunteer: There are many women and men out there who have been healed of such Psychic Vampires by me in the past few months. They are aware of the ways and how this can be guided. However, due to principled bond, we cannot reveal the names. At the same time, any one of them volunteer to guide Perhaps this can help create a chain of healing each other.

 If the many other spiritual guides take initiative to guide people on the list here that can add to the cause. Kindly do not take this lightly as we must stand by the truth and she is the truth.

The Result:  A optimistic new millennium where marvelous shift in the structure, mind, conflict, resolution, exploitation, love, matrimony, value, impartiality association will take place. Forward the piece of writing to all your contacts and links all over the globe.

And help them transit into the shift with peace and harmony towards a new beginning.  A life of harmony, peace, tranquility promise and union.

The Big Bang theory is an effort to explain what happened at the very beginning of our universe. Discoveries in astronomy and physics have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that our universe did in fact have a beginning. Prior to that moment there was nothing; during and after that moment there was something: our universe. The big bang theory is an effort to explain what happened during and after that moment.


According to the standard theory, our universe sprang into existence as “singularity” around 13.7 billion years ago. What is a “singularity” and where does it come from? Well, to be honest, we don’t know for sure. Singularities are zones which defy our current understanding of physics. They are thought to exist at the core of “black holes.” Black holes are areas of intense gravitational pressure. The pressure is thought to be so intense that finite matter is actually squished into infinite density (a mathematical concept which truly boggles the mind). These zones of infinite density are called “singularities.” Our universe is thought to have begun as an infinitesimally small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense, something – a singularity. Where did it come from? We don’t know. Why did it appear? We don’t know.


After its initial appearance, it apparently inflated (the “Big Bang”), expanded and cooled, going from very, very small and very, very hot, to the size and temperature of our current universe. It continues to expand and cool to this day and we are inside of it: incredible creatures living on a unique planet, circling a beautiful star clustered together with several hundred billion other stars in a galaxy soaring through the cosmos, all of which is inside of an expanding universe that began as an infinitesimal singularity which appeared out of nowhere for reasons unknown. This is the Big Bang theory.



References: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012-alignment.html


The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

Publication Date: November 1, 2009

Over the past two decades Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee has given different teachings on the feminine and the World Soul. They are compiled in his book for the first time.

We need to return to the core of our being, to where the sacred comes into existence. And the mystical feminine holds the key to this work of redemption and transformation.


The way of the Heart

Sufism has come to mean a wide range of beliefs that center on the quest for personal enlightenment in the union with God. Sufis are sometimes described as the mystics of Islam, but Sufism fits uncomfortably in the categories of religions. Technically Sufism is a denomination of Islam, however there are many Sufis that are not Muslims and there are many Muslims that are unwilling to consider Sufism part of Islam. One of the few concepts that Sufis seem to agree on is that all religions offer a path to deliverance or enlightenment and that true God realization, no matter how it is achieved, transcends the boundaries and classification of any religion.

Basically, a saint in any religion is equal to a saint in any other religion because they are stirred by the same Divine source. Initially the term Sufi referred only to those who had achieved God realization, but it has since come to be practical to anyone who follows that particular spiritual path.

In the eighth century, a mystical sect of Islam began which combined the mystical traditions of the Greeks, Buddhists and Hindus with traditional Islamic faith. Concepts found in Sufism can be found in a great many near-death experiences too which have been reported. Sufism is known as “the Way of the Heart” and the “Way of the Pure.” It is a means by which one can move from the lower level of self to rise to the Divine Light that penetrates the entire universe. This light concept is common to many other religions as well. According to Sufi tradition, there are many ways to rise, but the essence of the path to God is to find yourself. As the Sufi saying states, “Know yourself, know your Lord.”

The aim of every spiritual teaching is to ultimately present a greatly accelerated path to the highest station that is the ascension. In reality the teaching towards the path of ascension is a occurrence and largely based on guided imagery teachings. Ascension is the main aim and attainment of the spiritual path which means that we are no longer in need of experiences at the human level. For our lasting progress towards higher levels of consciousness we develop a spiritual light body through our ascension work. Presently ascension teachings focus mainly on guided imagery to open, balance and widen the chakra system and assemble a light body.

A key feature of the path is a process of initiations (stations/ makaam) as a measure of progress on the spiritual path. These initiations are to take place in our higher energy bodies and may or may not be remembered with our normal body consciousness. While there are some variations, the basic requirements for passing the five initiations before ascension may be described as follows.
Spiritual Awakening.
Purifying the body (learn to work with the energies and control the etheric body).
Purifying and controlling the emotions (developing a higher emotional body).
Purifying and controlling the mind (develop a higher mental body).
Submitting the will to Divine Guidance.
Selfless work for the greater good of humanity.

An initiation in the physical body takes place in the form of tests and rituals or they appear to be incorporated as special situations in our normal life. The third initiation requires us to have good control of the mental, emotional and etheric forces. A difficult situation or nearly a impossible mission may have been given to one. To overcome this without much outside help, one needs to use the mind constructively to guide the emotions in a positive way, release all negativity, especially be free of the fear of death and also learn to direct the life-force energies. While for most of those who make progress from the conditions reportedly will have profound spiritual experiences.

The relationships of the various initiations as stated above in the mystical path are all correlated. Opening with the spiritual awakening, the first three initiations are related to the period of purification. In contrast to the yoga system of purification, which concentrates strongly on controlling the life force energies, the mystical path does not address the life-force body directly. However, this level is purified indirectly by removing emotional energy blockages and by learning to control the emotional energies, which in turn direct the life-force energies. Thus Illumination is the first major initiation and is the result of purifying and learning to control the mind and developing a higher mental body as the requirement for the third initiation. The fourth initiation will be passed after waking from the dark night of the soul and the fifth initiation is the result of the unitive life.

Here the ascension teachings portray largely a magical or go-getter path in contrast to the knower-based mystical path. A combination of both may in some ways be easier to follow than either one of them on its own. The harshness of the mystical path can be to a great extent eased and progress speeded up by following the guided imagery, while present day’s teachings seem to neglect the purification and control of the emotional and mental bodies that feature so importantly in the mystical path.

Travellers on the spiritual path have very little help and guidance on spiritual pathways and have to be extremely careful with wrong guidance which will simply lead ones path alone in the darkness of ignorance.
What formerly could only be expressed as beyond your understanding mysticism can now be understood if guided rightly. If the right guidance and understanding is given than this makes it much easier for us to come to the stage of illumination instead of being bogged down for years in emotional misery, which is the case for most mystics.
In the following, I want to give some helpful information on the various stages of the spiritual path and on the different mechanism and tools that you may incorporate into your individualised approach. The path of yoga, Meditation, working with energies, healing the emotions and the mind and so on which can help one to develop the ability to discern and know what is right for you. You can do this by keeping your highest goal in mind and asking your inner or higher guidance for help.

BE CAUTIOUS of getting sidetracked by psychic abilities or happenings. Developing psychic abilities can be interesting, but is no more spiritual than material, emotional or mental activities. However, psychic activities can be more deceptive than other activities. Most psychic happenings take place on the astral level. Spirit entities operating on this level commonly are less spiritually developed than someone on the spiritual path and often give misleading or mischievous information. They also love to imitate or pretend being a high spiritual entity or even God.
Certain sects and cults commonly have astral counterparts (Jinn’s) that nourish on the devotion of their followers and try to tempt possible solutions or money making gimmicks. But these astral entities are more dangerous because they are usually hidden from our awareness and their intentions and methods may not be clean. I would advise one to be wary of visions and voices as these commonly come from a lower level and tend to lead the spiritual seeker off track. They will disappear when moving the consciousness higher into more spiritual regions. The only thing that protects us from being used or misled by lower spirits is the purity of our consciousness.

Do not worry wondering whether you already had a spiritual awakening and are now on the spiritual path or not. Just continue keeping your goal in mind, you will quite naturally be attracted to what is important and right for you.
While in the beginning it is helpful and necessary to read quite a bit from different sources, later it is better to read as little as possible. By continuing to read a lot you remain at the intellectual level and that hinders the development of intuitive abilities. Instead keep the subject in mind about the information, ask your guidance for help and trust that the right book will fall into your hands when needed. Even then, you may not need to read the whole book but quickly find what is important for you.

One of the deviations on the spiritual path are the many books available. If you do not control yourself, you can easily become addicted to reading and spend the rest of your life reading interesting books on spiritual and related matters instead of really doing what needs to be done. Therefore, move quickly through the information phase and start the real work. Whenever you really need additional information, your spiritual guidance is likely to let you unexpectedly find it.
If you are a practising member of a religious denomination, you do not need to be concerned that the spiritual path may be incompatible with your religious beliefs. Instead, you may expect that it will increase your faith. If you discover a contradiction or incompatibility here or there, put it on the sill for the time being. Remember, the spiritual path does not have any doctrines. Any writings about it are personal opinions that you do not need to accept. On the contrary, walking the spiritual path means finding your own insights and personal relationship with God.

The purification period does not need to be a time of misery and suffering as it has been for the mystics. Instead, it can be a time of adventure and discovery. The greatest adventure is to discover yourself. By removing biological, emotional and mental blockages, you will become healthier and happier. The main fun of the spiritual path is the whole long and interesting journey of getting there.
In addition to purifying, we also aim to strengthen and balance each level to achieve an overall inner as well as outer harmony. We may say that we move to sanitise and spiritualise all aspects of our Self.

While many great spiritual teachers have not placed much emphasis on the body, they however purified it just as a part of their spiritual quest. A 40-day fast towards the path is recommended in the biological level.
Furthermore, we have to work hard on purifying our bodies to get to the point where every spiritual seeker started. Therefore, it has advantages for the later work on the higher levels if we start with sanitising the biological level. For this I recommend:
The Basic Cleanse. This may be repeated from time to time.
Adopt a predominantly raw-food diet with plenty of fresh green.
Regular outdoors activity, yoga, stretching, shaking, walking and swimming.
Sanitise your teeth, bedroom and workplace (Cleansing of your chakras).

The main feature of the life force energy level is the etheric body, the life force part of the chakra system. This level determines the basic health of our body and how energetic we are. This is the energy of healing and manifestation.
In order to manifest something, we need to do energy imagery. This is the basis and the principle of all genuine magic. An important part of our work at the etheric level is learning how to accumulate and direct life force energy.
The most important principal to understand is that energy follows thought. Therefore, they require the assistance of the emotional or feeling level, which is sandwiched between the two. For learning to accumulate and direct energies I recommend that you practise the method so that you are able to feel the energy flows, you may also try using them in healing and other manifestations.
If you are so inclined, you may in addition also acquire and use any of the various guided ascension and chakra meditations process.

For most travellers this will be the most difficult and possibly painful level to cleanse but it will also be the most rewarding.
The important steps in healing our emotions are:
Removing emotional blockages and traumatic body memories.
Overcoming addictions and cravings.
Learning to freely feel and express our emotions without hurting others.
Using meditation and guided imagery to develop a higher emotional body by surrounding ourselves with positive and uplifting feelings and emotions.
Using suitable beliefs and mental awareness to react positively to daily events.
1. Emotional Cleansing
Especially emotional release, past life regression, regression therapy and the Emotional Freedom process.
Whatever the method, when an emotional event from the past is made conscious, it either ceases its damaging effects on its own or can now be dealt with in a rational way.
Some of the main hidden emotions that we need to uncover and release are fear, guilt and resentments. These block the flow of life-force energies and make us vulnerable to lack of energy, diseases and aging. The main remedies, after making a suppressed emotional memory conscious, are unconditional love, understanding and forgiving ourselves and all others.
On this level you do not need to clean out all hidden negative emotional memories that would probably be impossible. However, you should aim to uncover and remove all those factors that interfere strongly with the flow of life-force energies in your body, with your emotional health, enjoyment of life and also with your ability to make clear and neutral decisions.
The most important emotional event to discover and release is commonly our last death experience. This often is at the root of our present health or social problems. To discover and overcome this try regression therapy.
2. Overcoming Addictions and Cravings
For many, overcoming their addictions and cravings may seem to be the hardest task of the spiritual path. This can be best overcome with the Emotional Freedom method, guided imagery, prayer, affirmation and cleansing periods with a very high fluid intake.
In addition, we may also be addicted to or have cravings for certain activities or objects, such as sex, gambling, entertainment, expensive dresses, jewellery or antiques. Again, the activity or object is not the problem, but rather the attachment to it, the desire for it that controls us rather than we controlling it. The most important step is in acknowledging that we have a problem in this area.
3. Free-flowing Emotions
Freely expressing our emotions is the first step in learning to feel our emotions when they arise instead of suppressing them. However, it is preferable to develop the skills to react appropriately whenever the situation arises because then we can also be an example to others.
Marriages and other close relationships are ideal opportunities to learn communicating. If free expression is not always possible, then arrange a fixed time when you can freely express your thoughts and feelings. It is important that only one speaks without interruption until he has said everything he wants to say and then the other replies also without interruption.
4. Generating Positive Feelings
After emptying ourselves of negativity and learning to acknowledge and express our feelings and emotions, it is equally important to fill and surround ourselves with positive and uplifting feelings. Ideally this will come as a obvious result of habitual meditation and through focusing on spiritual feelings during our daily activities.
In addition, it will be beneficial to send feelings of forgiveness, appreciation and love to anyone whom you may have hurt or who may have hurt you in the past.
Finally, learn to carry the loving feeling that you can now generate in special situations over into your normal daily activities. You can do this by training yourself to carry this loving or joyful feeling in your heart wherever you go or whatever you do. Whenever you see or meet someone, you can embrace that individual with the warm feeling in your heart. This is especially important and effective for improving relationships with people who do not seem to like or appreciate you.
5. Reacting Positively
After learning to remain centred in the self-generated positive feelings of our heart, we still need to learn to react positively and appropriately to the many frustrations of our daily lives. This can come only by letting ourselves be guided by a spiritual belief system. After adopting a spiritual philosophy of life it will be much easier to see everything that happens to us as a test of our progress on the spiritual path.
Every day we have many little tests. It is alright to feel a burst of anger or just look for an inner or outer reason why it happened. It does not matter too much how we react, as long as it is appropriate. If we do feel a burst of anger, then it is appropriate to feel it and not try to rationalise it away. But after having felt the anger, we should not remain stuck in it but use our mind to get out of it. However, it would not be appropriate to suppress any stirring of anger.
The basic rule is to feel and express whatever emotion comes up, but then to modify it according to our understanding of the situation from a spiritual point of view. Our emotional reactions are a reflection of our beliefs and the more spiritual these become, the more positive will be our reactions. The ideal is that we can express our feelings naturally in a way that is a positive example.

Our mind is the most important level to heal because here we make the conscious decisions that affect all other levels. As with the other levels, our aim is to free ourselves of negativity and developing positive aspects instead. A well developed higher mental body is a precondition for the third initiation. We build this higher mental body by practising abstract creative and intuitive thinking such as by thinking about the purpose of life or existence or the nature of God.
In order to free yourself of negative beliefs and thoughts, you must first recognise them when they occur. As an example, you may watch someone passing by and having a critical thought about her, mentally apologise to her and just wish her well. It is alright to observe, just refrain from uninvited judgments, especially of a negative kind.
Another important aspect in controlling our mind is to refrain from talking about other people, especially about common friends, relatives or acquaintances. This leads to gossiping, judging or criticising and would delay progress on the spiritual path.

Any kind of worry is negative, whether you worry about your finances or your health or about a child or someone else. Worry or concern is a form of fear and that is the opposite of positive expectations and faith. To a large degree we shape our own future by what we expect. Our inner self tries to manifest what we expect. Our expectation acts like a magnet to attract and draw the expected event into our outer reality. If we worry about anything, we expect a negative outcome and help to make it come true.
Therefore, our key lesson to learn at the mental level is to know what we want and then without wavering expect it to manifest sometime in the future. Except where timing is essential, it is best not set a definite time limit. If we want to use magic to help our expectation to manifest, we can use energy imagery. The critical factor then is our unwavering faith until the expected event appears.

This brings us to the next important step, to know what to manifest. It is said that we should be very careful with our wishes because they might come true. That means that we are usually ignorant about the hidden implications of a fulfilled desire. Often there is a spiritual or karmic price to pay. We may delay our spiritual progress or even take on a karmic burden of another individual whom we try to help. We may still have certain karmic obligations to fulfil in this lifetime and it would be damaging to our spiritual progress trying to delay or avoid their consequences.
Often an incarnation with the specific purpose to reach ascension in this lifetime starts already with a severe handicap and is intentionally filled with difficult and possibly tragic karmic events. These tests need to be passed before reaching the high goal. The greater the handicaps, the greater the victory if we are able to overcome them. When we are progressing on the spiritual path bad things do not just happen to us by accident. Therefore, we really do not need to worry; whatever happens to us is good in that it helps us to reach our goal.
Every unfavourable event, whether karmic or not, gives us a chance to proof ourselves. We need to pass tests on every step of the way to make sure that we have learned our lesson; otherwise the lesson has to be repeated over and over again. To come close to such a worthy goal as illumination or ascension, we must be able to pass the lion test in one form or another.
What all this means is that it is not advisable on the spiritual path to use magic power, lightly to avoid obstacles and make ourselves an easy life. If we are successful, we may just have evaded a test and will have to wait for another test to be arranged. Another way of saying this is to go with the flow of your life and do the best you can, rather than always trying to make things happen according to a preconceived plan.

Another thing to watch out for is the motive for our actions. While it is important that we try to do the right thing, it is even more important that we have a pure motive. Being pure at heart means having pure motives. However with all this focus on purity and doing the right thing, it is easy to fall into the old habit of suppressing what we perceive to be negative within us rather than transmuting and overcoming it. Suppressing creates new blockages and brings us back where we started. Rather we have to acknowledge and integrate all parts of our personality into a single conscious unit. Only when we are fully conscious of our negative parts can we successfully transform them.

If you habitually act like a spiritual master, then you are a spiritual master. Never mind a few mistakes or wrong decisions. Nothing better than our own mistakes to learn from. You still have many years ahead of you to learn doing the right thing most of the time.
In fact, when you have reached a level where your motives are basically unselfish, then you do not need to be too concerned about making the right decision. Just trust your intuition or inner guidance. Whatever you choose will usually be right. Right and wrong only disappear if you look at life or your path as a fascinating adventure and do not mind what it brings you, if you are not attached to outcomes.

Prayers, meditation, studying Holy Scriptures, visualisation or guided imagery are commonly used. All of these are very useful. In addition regression therapy, relaxation, affirmations and centring.
A good way to remain centred is to use a silent mantra or Zikr.

One of the main aspects of the spiritual path is the development of a higher mental body or the capacity for abstract, creative and intuitive thinking. This is the tool for opening and developing the forehead chakra and may be seen as a precondition for the third initiation or illumination.
Remember, the real purpose is not to gain any knowledge or to make a judgement about believing or not believing the theory, instead it is all about developing your own ability of abstract creative and intuitive thinking in order to develop a higher mental body.

Selfless service is the practical expression of our spiritual consciousness. Working as a healer, or writing a self-help book, or working as a carer for a disabled person, or giving money to charities may either be done out of compassion to help others. There is nothing wrong with helping others and at the same time not expecting to receive a benefit for oneself. The purer our motive, the more we act out of a feeling of universal love or compassion rather than for personal gain and the more is it an expression of genuine spiritual consciousness.

We know that we make good progress on the spiritual path if in our daily life and especially in difficult situations we display more and more the spiritual qualities of compassion, devotion, faith, forgiveness, harmony, high ideals, joy, kindness, openness, patience, self-responsibility, serenity, tolerance, unconditional love, understanding, wisdom and a gentle love for All That Is.

Another way of assessing our progress is by how well we are able to unite the male and the female characteristics within our personality and manifesting each characteristic as the situation requires. Are we able to be a good leader as well as a good follower, a master as well as a servant? Can we display the male characteristics of boldness, fierceness and power as well as the female qualities of gentleness, kindness and yielding? Do we know how to be strong in our beliefs but also open to change?

The illumination experience is an act of grace, a gift of your spirit that will come when you least expect it. Waiting for it is a sure way of postponing it because patience is one of the early virtues we have to learn.
The same applies to ascension for which one has to work hard by doing plenty of meditation. The opening of the heart chakra to universal love and a life of service to overcome suffering is the real ascension work.

You do not need to actively look for good deeds to do or for your future field of loving selfless service. Just continue doing whatever needs to be done at each moment and especially continue purifying yourself at deeper and deeper levels. At the right time your mission will be revealed to you. By now you become increasingly competent to handle anything life throws at you or to play any role that you choose or are obliged to play.

Looking back on the path that you travelled so diligently, you may ask yourself “What Path?” and wonder if there ever was a path or only a figment of your imagination. In reality there was nowhere to go and nothing to do to get there. All you did was to change your perception and your attitude. You know now that you are a great spirit having a temporary experience in a body. Nothing really changes by gaining or losing a body. As a spirit you can always choose to be joyful or sad, peaceful or loving or anything else you want to be. That is spiritual mastership.

Note: Any writings are personal opinions that you do not need to accept. On the contrary, walking the spiritual path means finding your own personal relationship with God.

Gulshaa Begum
Divine Abode
International Sufi Festival India
Website: http://www.isfiajmer.com

Journey towards the beloved- Stir your soul

Time spent sitting with a mystic or healer can lead to a relationship where you might establish your express line to god. How does one improve one’s relationship with god? How to develop infinite compassion… how to use prayer, devotion and faith on the face of suffering and yet go through the process of sacred waiting.

It is important to know that having a direct line with god is like having the admittance of his private number which is not available to all. However this can be developed over a period of time on the path of mysticism. To get connected onto this direct line one needs to pass the various tests that are levied on the entity. The direct line is not for the ego, or for the self rather it is to set you free.

It is not about achieving some height of personal enlightenment. It is the line of communication that has many characteristics that change the nature of one’s relationship with self, ones relationship with god and ones relationship with others. It is all about learning to sit in the between and know the deep mysteries which is hidden in the universe.
Either one can be a mystic seeker or one can reach the direct line through a mystic/ healer. That is the way it is. Everyone cannot be on a direct call. At times you can speak through an operator. Learning about the sacred healing relationship and training involves learning the language of god. This language takes many forms and understood as the sacred language of god. However language cannot express the totality of the sacred communication. If one sets in the proper perceptive, language makes its contribution in making the novice. It is understood by all mystics that language can take any form, to fit any person with any situation or within any culture. Such is to be expected from compassionate and infinite sacredness.

There is always a mystery in the sacredness. God is the infinite sacred mystery. To begin the journey, involve yourself in the stirring of the soul. The key to the countless mysteries of the land of the mystifying. Drive into the land of secrecy to know the true mysticism.

I Live yet do not Live in Me – The Religion of Love Universal – Sufism

I live yet do not live in me,
am waiting as my life goes by,
and die because I do not die.

No longer do I live in me,
and without God I cannot live;
to him or me I cannot give
my self, so what can living be?

A thousand deaths my agony
waiting as my life goes by,
dying because I do not die.

This life I live alone I view
as robbery of life, and so
it is a constant death — with no
way out until I live with you.

God, hear me, what I say is true:
I do not want this life of mine,
and die because I do not die.

Being so removed from you I say
what kind of life can I have here
but death so ugly and severe
and worse than any form of pain?

I pity me — and yet my fate
is that I must keep up this lie,
and die because I do not die.

The fish taken out of the sea
is not without a consolation:
his dying is of brief duration
and ultimately brings relief.

Yet what convulsive death can be
as bad as my pathetic life?
The more I live the more I die.

When I begin to feel relief
on seeing you in the sacrament,
I sink in deeper discontent,
deprived of your sweet company.

Now everything compels my grief:
I want — yet can’t — see you nearby,
and die because I do not die.
Although I find my pleasure, Sir,
in hope of someday seeing you,
I see that I can lose you too,
which makes my pain doubly severe,
and so I live in darkest fear,
and hope, wait as life goes by,
dying because I do not die.

Deliver me from death, my God,
and give me life; now you have wound
a rope about me; harshly bound
I ask you to release the cord.

See how I die to see you, Lord,
and I am shattered where I lie,
dying because I do not die.

My death will trigger tears in me,
and I shall mourn my life: a day
annihilated by the way
I fail and sin relentlessly.

O Father God, when will it be
that I can say without a lie:
I live because I do not die?
– RumiMysticism

Mystic or Mystery- The unveiling !!

Mysticism is the pursuit of a direct communion with God. While the term has been used to encompass a wide spectrum of beliefs, most of those labeled mystics share these common factors: a faith in a transcendent truth, a power which is unseen and tremendous, that overrides everyday reality, and a belief in a personal, one-on-one connection with this truth.

It is an act of will or at times you are chosen, gifted , not because you have prayed or asked God to give you Divine energy – a decision which is not in my control, that’s all – that starts a person on the mystic path of being one with the Almighty. After that initiation, it is events of the person’s life, and the “voice in your gut” that are the training, the lessons. Your teacher is none other than the guidelines recieved from the Almighty, and you simply follow. Seeing a pattern in the events of your life is seeing your path as shown and told to you. The focus of your path is what you do, not what you believe: God wants you to think or believe in whatever motivates you ahead in your growth. (It’s not the dogma, it’s the doing.) Ignored lessons occur in even harsher, more obvious forms!

The most valuable and delectable parts of a human, from God’s point of view, are the dark parts: the self-interest, the “looking out for Number One.” Inappropriate self-interest limits you and gums up the works in God’s cosmos. Transmuting the self-interest is enlightenment, is a victory for light over darkness to you; and to God it is His cleaner house. As time and events go by, you become less focused on your physical life and are more “out there” in your perspective. The life you lead is not what you see in the pictures. Its a life with constant pain which at times is unbearable. You dont sleep for days, as when one shuts his/her eyes you see the lives of many. The future happenings, the past wrong and right. Its a life very hard and sacrificing , and this not chosen by us, rather we have no choice. Its painful, and in short your life is not in your control.

A lot of your work as one of God’s people is done in the non-physical realms in your calling ( calling is the talk between you and the unseen power). At some point you are trained by guidance direct from the Almighty or – by the events of your life – to accomplish and support events which is Gods will, sometimes by channeling them. You get to keep some of the talents you develop in the endeavor of supporting or accomplishing the events Gods will. Psychic insight is often one of those abilities you keep.

Gradually your will (your willpower is not what you wish) is becoming God’s will as you and God become one; and God’s will is almighty . . . because He has His finger on the triggers of coincidence . . . so you gradually become able to make things happen. You create events non physically. This is the great spiritual truth and is The Great Work, the Mystery. Being one with God and giving up the petty part of your individuality is . . .duh . . . a net gain.

This does not have any Reiki, tarot card, cosmos..or any religious scripture involved..your learning is not from the material world rather your learning is from the mystic world which is unknown and unseen..You live life as the guidelines set to you. This again the most difficult for a carefree person, and acceptance of the truth that transcends your life becomes very harsh, as you are forced with no choice ( at least in my case), clarifies what is REALLY at issue in your life, clarifies what your next step in Spiritual Growth or Personal Development is. And when the issues are clarified, you waste less time on what is not-so-important. We humans have only so much time, so we go much farther with clear light on our path one step at a time. The next step up is all you need to know. The rest is dogma, a believe or set of believes people are expected as the truth without ever doubting them..

Essentially, in any mystic practice the ultimate goal is to have an intimate relationship with the Divine. It does not include reciting rehearsed prayers. It does include going within and communing with Source Energy, however that Source appears to you.

We are all incarnated on this Earth to fulfill our destinies, whatever that means for us. Yes, we have freewill either we accept this truth and continue the journey or its time for us to go back home. The choice here is left to us..Then we decide while we are here what course we wish to take, but whatever direction we choose, we are here to learn a great deal of lessons. With each step and each lifetime we get a little closer to our True Spiritual Natures. When we are ready to take a leap into the truly spiritual realm, we see that there is not a God to be afraid of. The ‘fear’ of God has no meaning for me whatsoever.

Everything in the universe is a part of the Divine Source; that includes us. As a component of this Divine Energy we continue to create our realities; each of us having our own perceptions.

In the mystic experience, we are guided on our paths. We are permitted to ask questions and responses come our way. When we are in the “flow” of things, when things just all seem to be going right, we are simply aligned with our True or Higher Selves. What is the mystic experience like? Well, that’s up to you. Some people hear things, some people see things, some people know things. You can even taste and smell things, you can see a persons life or read or hear.. its enormous. Its the impossible to possible which is called miracle.

Meditation is a conscious ways to experience the Divine. We may see a color, or an animal or a movie in your head. You may have to do a little work to understand what the messages mean. In addition, each message may have a layer of meanings. We just have to unfold it, as it were, to figure all the levels of significance for us.

Sometimes we are guided to certain events and we follow as been told. This to reach out to what is decided. We are also under certain rules of not to accept anything in return or any healing too as that will not be taken lightly. We follow rules. And here we get punished the same moment as our lives are not ruled by us. Its a easier life what one normally leads but this life is very painful..physically and emotionally. This cannot be understood by many. A person with real mystic power can never take anything not even a sweet or a chocolate. The job is to give and give, not to take as what we need we cannot take from any Tantrik or Astrologer, as I will suffer almost death in terms of experiencing the of pain for the mistake committed.. You could be angry or frustrated, but your new knowledge has given you insight and understanding and you feel only love and compassion for those who aren’t yet ready to let go. So, you head back toward the light and on your way you joyously discover that there are others who know of the light… some who are just discovering it and some who have known for a long time. It feels wonderful to be in their presence and commune with like “souls.”

The important thing, is to listen to your inner wisdom. When others try to convince you that their way is the only way, but it doesn’t sit well with you, don’t let them sway your decision. You are right for you and that is all there is to it.

Finally when we accept this truth, we give ourself s completely, our live is decided, our day to day event, work, creativity, wisdom, knowledge is all a part of this acceptance..and you see a amazing, incomprehensible, brilliant, bright white light above the surface. It’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. You can feel it’s warmth and it’s love. You are overtaken with emotion and overjoyed at what you have discovered. Your goal becomes a need to rise completely out of the depths and join with that light. And when you finally do just that, you say, “I think I know now. I think I understand.” You turn to the “being of light” and you begin to ask questions. The beautiful light smiles warmly and answers the questions. But finally, you ask a question and the answer is truly awakening.

The answer is… “I cannot answer that question for I do not yet know the answer myself. Yet I know I will eventually, and so will you.”

Awakening is a process… enjoy every minute of it. At each end… there is only a new beginning.


For the most part, people want the same thing from a romantic partner. People want spouses and partners who are:

Caring and kind
Fun to be around

Relationships are difficult to maintain when they are filled with conflict, negativity and a lack of trust.

So, what does it take to maintain a healthy relationship?
People in long-term, satisfying relationships tend to do the following (this advice is adapted from Montgomery, Cole and Bradac, and Canary and Stafford’s work on Relational Maintenance):

Slow, but Consistent – Relationships work the best when people go slow and take their time getting to know each other. Whirlwind romances usually end in disaster. It also helps to be consistently supportive and encouraging. Inconsistent behavior causes misunderstandings and uncertainty.

Keep Things Upbeat – Relationships work the best when partners express a positive and upbeat attitude towards each other. Genuine displays of happiness and affection go a long way when trying to make a relationship work. By contrast, relationships fail when indifference, anger and negativity become the norm. In fact, even a little negativity can create a lot of problems in a close relationship. This does not mean that people cannot express negative feelings in a relationship, but that there are appropriate (and inappropriate) ways of dealing with one’s negative feelings

Approach Problems Together – Couples feel closer and are more satisfied with their relationships when they approach problems and difficulties as a team. Couples who take an US versus the PROBLEM, rather than a YOU versus ME approach to conflict are much happier in the long run.
Don’t Take Each Other For Granted – Over time, couples typically take each other for granted. At the start of a relationship people appreciate all the things that their partners do for them. However, as time goes on, people tend to expect more, but acknowledge a partner’s contributions less often. To keep a relationship happy and healthy it is important to show appreciation on a consistent basis.

Appreciate Differences – Relationships work the best when partners have a lot in common, but respect and appreciate the differences that do exist. It helps to appreciate someone for who they are rather than try to change them or how they behave

Be Approachable – People need to be able to talk freely with a romantic partner. Sharing what is going on in one’s life and how one feels about issues is important to do. But, being open with a partner is not always easy because it requires spouses to tell the truth and to LISTEN to things that may be difficult to hear. Listening in an attempt to UNDERSTAND, not control, evaluate, or judge is critical to having an satisfying relationship.

Express Commitment – Relationships work the best when partners reassure each other of their love and commitment. It never hurts to tell a spouse that you love him or her and that you will always be there.

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Know me and here I answer to all querys..

A true Confession.. No editting here.. As it is…

Our pain..Our gain

Knowledge of any kind, be it a experience of one self or another , a message of God in the form of scripture .. is to be distributed free of cost. Paying a penny for knowledge is a greater sin than the seller as by buying we are encouraging them. If anyone wishes to write of his or anyones experience, Our pain and sorrow, our journey is not for sale. If anyone does that then its never reality. Our life experiences can be shared if that can benifit our fellow beings, but if our journey is our bread and butter than that journey can never be a journey of pain and grief.

Our pain and grief is our deep emotions which is the truth of our lives. These incidents are our learning towards being better human beings, but if our life incidents is for sale, than its never been our deep emotion. At times our experience can be picked from any book which can connect to us. But again anything taken with genuine feelings and emotions, can give life and soul to a dead text too.. As our feelings, grief, sorrow felt from within reflects in the writing.. and these emotions are our closest truth. How can one think of selling it ?

In my view, or according to me, this is what is Gods will, that pain and sorrow is a part of our knowledge given to us free of cost by nature, we are each given a book by nature which is our book of journey in this lifetime. This is for us to learn and understand the good or the bad that suits us. We adapt our lifestyle based on this book. This book is rich of knowledge, wisdom and insight .. which can be positive or negative. Again we are solely responsible for our acts.. Be it positive or negative..as that is not imposed by God.

God has given us the free will towards our thoughts..our thoughts are purely ours and God is not responsible for those thoughts. THIS IS US..DIVINE OR EVIL..

Our thoughts lead us towards our path to enlightenment.. that is the light which we see.. thats the Divine path. The basic understanding or the foundation to begin this journey is our inner self. Our inner self is the beginning of all our destiny. That can lead us to Divine Success or the road towards the dark tunnel where one can never see light. Again our step towards our inner self is First Love yourself as if you Love yourself, then you can love the others, and you see everything around you beautiful and our happiness is purely based on our mindset. Vindictive, jealousy, malicious, is the downfall of the envious the victory of the envied ..Whenever you are spoken the most or investigated the most REMEMBER YOU ARE IMPORTANT.. IF YOU WERE NOT IMPORTANT THEN NONE WOULD WASTE THEIR PRECIOUS TIME ON YOU.